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At Franklin Dental Associates, we care about our patients’ dental health.

As part of our patient care, we follow the American Dental Association recommended guidelines for exams and x-rays.

According to the American Dental Association, a periodic oral examination including dental radiographs is a recommended part of our long term dental care solution.

The standard recommendation is that:

  • A periodic oral examination is scheduled every 6 months or at the very least every 12 months.
  • An adult with high caries/periodontal disease progression risk would need radiographs every six to 18 months.
  • An adult with low risk would require X-rays every two years.
  • A child with a high caries risk would need X-rays every six to 12 months vs. a low-risk child every one to two years.

We understand that some of our patients may be concerned with the frequency and/or cost of the exams and x-rays. Periodic oral exams and dental radiographs (x-rays) help us evaluate your overall dental health as well as diagnose any conditions that may need attention. Without periodic exams and regular dental radiographs, we cannot provide the best care possible to our patients.

We look forward to helping you achieve your optimal dental health.